Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tragic Death Of Another Legend.

After a very busy and fruitful Saturday, I returned home to watch the live telecast of the funeral of singing legend Whitney Houston for more than three hours, from 2am till after 5am. With her death at a young age of 48 years, the world have lost yet another beautiful and unforgettable singing voice. The funeral service held at her home town Baptist Church which she attended in her growing up years in New Jersey was very touching as we hear the eulogies from her family, close friends and present Celebrity Greats. The story of her life was narrated and shown in three short video clips after the funeral service was over. The world mourns her tragic passing.

I have watched also the live telecasts of the funerals of other Legends such as Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee and recently, 'Pop' icon Michael Jackson and sadly all of them died suddenly, similarly and tragically through drug abuse at a young and early age. Their immense talents, achievements and each one of them endowed with special gifts to entertain and thrill us are gone forever leaving us with only treasured memories.

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