Monday, February 6, 2012

Slowing Down The 'Tempo'.

Carried away by fatigue and refusing to accept one's limitations, is probably the only reason why I was not able to begin writing blogs and taking such a long time to start one. Sleep and plentiful of rest is what I need to recuperate from being lethargic and getting lazy.

It is also true that after going through the hectic and fast paced final weeks of last year and the start of a new one including the Chinese new year celebrations and now the colourful Chingay attractions have really brought on unsuspecting tiredness. Relentless hard working days and enjoyment has taken its toll.

I have to slow down the speedy momentum of my lifestyle for the time being and recognise the needs to stay healthy and relaxed. As it is, presently having so many unhealthy bodily ailments and still dreaming, thinking that they are only imaginations and continuing to get on in life as if it was the same as yesteryears can be a bad dream.

Time truly flies and I have to start work soon.

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