Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shocking And Unbelievable!

Late last night, I stopped my cab behind the taxi queue near Orchard Towers. I was parked there for only a short while when a private vehicle stopped right behind my cab. A young Chinese lady alighted, walked straight to my cab and sat in the front passenger seat. "Hello" she said, "Please, take me to Hazel Park". I said "Okay", and then straightaway I did a U-turn to head towards Stevens Road.

Just before turning into Bukit Timah Road, this lady, I think maybe in her late thirties, asked if I knew where her place was and when I said "Yes", she almost immediately bent towards me and laid her head on my left thigh facing my stomach as though falling asleep. What's happening, imagine how shocked and stunned I was at that particular moment. Taken aback, I said "Hello Miss, Hello, you have to put on your seat belt", and she just whispered softly "Ooh, okay" but still remained unmoved. "Hello Miss, hello, hello!" I repeated a bit louder, but she did not even budge a bit. Oh my goodness, don't tell me she's 'conked out' I told myself, or maybe asleep or even drugged. At first I was afraid to touch and shake her, but eventually I bravely tapped on her right shoulder, calling out loudly this time, but she seemed fast asleep and unresponsive at all.

I was in two minds, whether to quickly drive her home or go straight to the nearest Police Station, but by then I was nearly halfway already. During all this time, I felt very uncomfortable but still managed to drive to Hazel Park in this awkward togetherness, with her head on my lap throughout the journey. Arriving outside the condominium this time, I called out louder telling her we are at her condo, and surprisingly she awoke and sat up, directed me to her apartment block just up the slope, dugged into her sling bag, took out $20 and said "Take this, its yours, thank you, Goodnight", got out and left just as quickly as she came in, before I could even utter a single word she had already disappeared.

Oh Wow, what a crazy night and still in a daze, feeling a bit damp on my forehead, I slowly drove out from the condo and onto Bukit Timah Road once more. "Phew, what happened and what's going on and what if?" I asked myself still in a daze. This has got to be the most unforgettable happening in my life as a Taxi Driver.

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