Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'Marilyn Monroe' Re-incarnate!

'Marilyn Monroe' was one of my passengers whom I fetched last night! Fantastic! And yes, I had 'Marilyn Monroe' in my cab for a bit of distance too, from Resorts World Sentosa Taxi Stand to Lorong 1 in Geylang. Unbelievable, but true and I had three snapshots of her taken with my mobile seated in the back seat of my cab.

This is not the first time that I have fetched a Celebrity. The first one was none other than Fiona Xie who at that time was going to Caldecott Hill for her first interview to be an actress with Media Corp, and there were others like Kumar of 'Boom Boom Boom' fame and a rugby star from New Zealand called 'The Shadow'.

'Marilyn Monroe' is actually a beautiful and pleasant young lady who hails from Melbourne, Australia, and is presently working at Universal Studios in Sentosa as a 'lookalike' performer. We had such a wonderful and enjoyable chit chat and were nearly laughing throughout the whole journey. It was for me, a most unforgetable and memorable encounter as a cabbie.

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