Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple And Clear Instructions Appreciated.

"Uncle, two places okay? first you go to the 'Tiara' then to 'Gallops'", one of two gentlemen commuters told me when I picked them up at Clarke Quay Taxi Stand late last night. Not sure what he meant, I said "Huh? whats that again? Please tell me where exactly". The other one replied "You don't know meh?", "I answered "No, I don't, could you tell me the names of the roads where they are?" and the first one spoke again, "Uncle, most taxi drivers know where, how come you don't know?". "Sorry, I really don't know, Just tell me the road names and maybe I'll know for sure okay?" I said, getting a bit impatient. Finally, the second guy told me that the 'Tiara' is at Kim Seng Walk and 'Gallops' off Farrer Road. I immediately understood where the locations were and eventually fetched them to their two destinations.

What a waste of time and showing a bit of arrogance I thought. I mean, they should have just given me clear directions of the common road names instead of their unfamiliar condominium names. Everyday I pass by so many new condominiums in the course of construction and when they are finally completed, they are given fanciful names which are not listed in the road directories unless exceptionally prominent. Not all taxi drivers are aware or can even remember these new names of condominiums and their locations.

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