Monday, January 30, 2012

My Daily Affairs.

Everyday, before I start to post, I would first check my emails, read, write replies, watch videos and after having done all that, I will then start on browsing Facebook, just like my mails, so many interesting articles, photos and videos to go through, so, by the time I am finished, it is two to three hours spent and mind you, its really tiring and time passes by too quickly.

This has been a daily sort of 'ritual' for me each time I sit down and face my computer. There is no fixed time when I start to write a post. It can happen as soon as I reach home, maybe after watching TV movies or whilst having snacks or as soon as I get up from bed. Usually in between sips of my coffee and enjoying my variety of titbits, I start to begin recalling, trying to remember and picture immediate and recent encounters, chit chats, meals, get together with other cabbies, or any happenings, incidents and whatever after finishing my workday. This process takes at least a couple of hours and there are times when my thoughts get too congested I simply cannot focus or get to start typing a post. In such times, I have to call it a day, forego what I wanted to do and to write the next day. It is no easy task, but I enjoy indulging in my pastime very much.


  1. Hello uncle frank!

    I am Ian. The chinese fella who boarded your cab near fort canning, and was with 2 other of my friends, we had a friendly chat about music and you showed us a picture of you playing the violin when you were young. ( very handsome leh)

    As promised, i will leave a comment. I just spent 15 mins reading your blog, and its really heart-warming to know that you have a passion to write and some of your stories are really quite interesting!

    My dad is a cab driver as well, so i do understand the nature of your job and how difficult it can be at times, and it is awesome to see how good natured and polite you are. You are a joy to talk to! keep writing and stay happy and safe. :)



  2. Hi Ian, thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes I remember you and you have commented as promised. It was great ferrying you home and I enjoyed our conversation very much. Anytime if you have nothing better to do, remember to visit my site.


    Uncle Frank.

  3. haha uncle frank...

    you should leave out the word "better", sounds a lot nicer