Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enjoy Befriending Strangers.

It is so easy to make friends with strangers as a Taxi Driver. First of all, there is this endless opportunity to meet total strangers as we are service providers. We get to greet each other as soon as we meet when the strangers board our cabs. We start talking straightaway about going to a certain place and by which nearest route. Then, as we begin on our journey, we can easily enquire or ask the stranger whether he or she is on the way home or maybe if they had their dinner yet and so on. From the way they answer and reply, we will watch 'body language' and reactions, then continue and try to initiate a conversation by asking if they had a good or busy day or about the weather and also about popular local news such as train breakdowns, floodings and traffic jams. You can always be assured that these statements or remarks will immediately get you responses.

Other than the above, for instance, if I were to introduce myself as Singapore's first Taxi Blogger, this usually triggers the start of an exciting and enthusiastic conversation, and from then on, we would really start chatting as if we were friends already and depending on subjects spoken, we can both easily criticise, exclaim or just break into laughter together at the same time feeling comfortable about it.

The above has been my 'trademark' style of befriending a total stranger. I have always been a friendly person with a happy disposition and most importantly of all, I have the 'gift of the gab' which gives me an advantage in being able to make friends easily as a Cabbie.

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