Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Times For "The Golden Oldies".

From Sunday night till Monday and on to Tuesday morning I had very little sleep. Woked up at 3.00pm and straightaway after my usual cup of 'kopi O' I am starting to write this special personal blog.

Monday morning I arrived at Tanglin Shopping Centre at 11.50am to meet my classmates from year '61 and a special schoolmate from '62. Many of us, eight in all and unfortunately many more were unable to attend due to personal reasons, have not met at all after we left school 51 years ago. The 8 of us eventually took a short walk to the nearby foodcourt at Orchard Towers to have coffee and lunch.

We sat together at a big round table and started chatting excitedly, recalling and exchanging our lives experiences in between coffee and meals, one by one, we took turns each telling about their interesting personal and family life stories during the past 51 years. It was truly a very enjoyable and nostalgic afternoon, full of laughter and memories of one another and before we knew it, it was already 4.00pm and we had to part.

I reached home about 6.00pm, had about half an hours rest and was back on the road plying my trade. Throughout the remainder of the night, thoughts and memories of the afternoon's event continued to linger on and on. 

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