Monday, January 16, 2012

Friendly Vietnamese Passenger.

Yesterday after midnight, on my way home, I picked up a young Vietnamese guy near Lakeside MRT station. "Uncle, Queenstown Strathmore please, I just missed the last train" he told me. I said, "You should have checked the time of the last train, its already past midnight now". "I know, but I was with my friend, still chatting and forgot about the time" he answered. "Well, because you were carried away and forgotten time, you will have to pay a taxi fare now and not only that, it means, plus an extra 50%  midnight charge also, hahaha, unlucky for you but good for me". I spoke jokingly and we both laughed.

This young man from Vietnam, speaks good English, had been studying in Singapore for the past three years, just graduated in Marketing and presently working in his first job here for about two to three months already. He simply loves our lifestyle and hopes to live here for good, adding also that he has a Chinese girlfriend from Malaysia who is still studying here. He has begun taking up a course in Mandarin lessons.

We continued chatting and joking happily throughout the whole journey. The trip cost him $15.60, he gave me $16.00 and to keep the change. He was kind, informative and had a very friendly disposition.

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