Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Demand Greater Than Supply.

This is the third day into year 2012 and no passengers ferried by me spoke up about the new Taxi Fare Hikes, not even small talk except for a very minor comment made by a woman commuter on a very short trip over her metered fare of $4.80 which still remains the lowest fare I have collected so far.

The end of two long holiday weekends and with the new school term starting today, taxi usage will slow down a bit, maybe for a short while and pick up swiftly again with the Chinese Lunar New Year just around the corner. Shopping and eating out remains the top activities during this coming festive season.

Brace yourselves for a huge shortage of taxis come Chinese New Year as most Chinese taxi drivers take long breaks during this period to spend time with family and friends which in turn will definitely see a great demand for taxis. Each year as usual, the minority Nationals manning their taxis enjoy great 'Field Days' with pocketful of "Ang Pows".


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