Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Notes for Short Distances.

Yesterday was another good workday for me. There were commuters everywhere I went. The only difference was that all trips were for short distances except for one, a young Chinese man and his two women companions going from Peoples Park Complex to Tanah Merah Ferry Point near Changi Coast Road, the metered fare came to $23.00 and from there, a man, a woman and child board my cab to go to Tampines Street 82, their fare came to $11.70 and that was the second highest amount I had collected for the whole day.

After ferrying my third passenger, the rest of my next five passengers gave me $50.00 notes each for fares which were less than $10.00 consecutively and so when the 6th passenger, a middleaged woman also wanted to give me a $50.00 note for the metered fare of $7.50, I had to apologise to her for not having enough small change but when I suggested going to the nearest 7/11 store or petrol station to try to get some small change, she hesitated and asked me to hang on while she searched her handbag for some loose cash, and what do you know, she managed to scrape up $7.20 short of 30 cents. I told her it was alright and not to worry. We thanked each other for being able to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and bade farewell as she started to alight.

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