Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7 Hours Non-Stop Drive.

This is the third day of CNY celebrations and last night after hectic days of activities begin to slow down, I started driving from 7.00pm after laying off and away from the roads for the past three days.

After picking up my first passenger, it was then a continuous non-stop and busy evening of work for me ferrying passengers here and there all over the island. People were everywhere, when one alights another immediately boards no matter where. It was a very good day and how I wish it can be like this always.

It was also a very tiring workday as I concentrated more on my driving albeit only wishing my passengers the 'magic words' "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and "Happy New Year" to everyone, locals, foreigners and visiting tourists.

It was also a marathon driving session as I drove without any breaks at all, that means from 7.00pm right till I stopped at 2.00am this morning, a total of 7 hours continuous non-stop driving. You can just imagine how sore my legs were and my back, it aches. Overall, apart from the aches and pain, I still truly enjoyed this special CNY adventure.

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