Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taxi Drivers Need More Protection.

The Year of the Dragon is just around the corner and so, what new adventures do you think the Dragon will have in store for us in 2012? Hopefully not a repetition of continuous rainfall, floodings, breakdowns, Violent Attacks on Taxi Drivers, bombings, senseless killings of innocents and etc like yesteryear. As for Fare Hikes, I can safely say that it will take another four or five years before something 'new' comes up again.

On Christmas Eve, a 47 year old Taxi Driver was bashed on the head with a wine bottle by one of two passengers when they claimed that the Taxi Driver took a longer route. This violent behaviour is uncalled for, anyway, police investigations are still ongoing.

In another recent case, on Dec. 16, a Taxi was stolen right in front of a crowded coffee shop at Lorong 29 in Geylang. The thief managed to jump into the taxi and drive off in it when the woman Taxi Driver decided to stop for a few minutes to have a cup of coffee. She left her taxi with the engine still running and was hardly 10m away, all this while, her eyes were on her cab but when she was paying for her drink and not looking, her taxi disappeared. Till today, her taxi has still not been found.

The Authorities should mete out tougher punishments against Violent Taxi bullies to safeguard the livehoods of Taxi Drivers. There are many recent attacks on Taxi Drivers, with many more unreported ones, but these Violent Taxi Attacks and Abuses must not be taken lightly. I can imagine Taxi Drivers taking matters into their own hands by equiping themselves with unlikely 'tools' in future for self-protection and may even 'retaliate' when provoked.
These are serious thoughts.

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