Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sharing Between Friends And Strangers.

Rain or Shine, Friday has always been my favourite working day. I had a very busy and tiring but fruitful workday with nearly all trips going long distance on the busy highways. I think the lowest fare I collected was $12.00 and the highest was $25.00 But most importantly I had very friendly passengers, local as well as a number of Permanent Residents with only one local traveller, the lady lawyer returning from Kuala Lumpur whom I fetched from Terminal 2, going to her Marine Parade Road home. She was the one who paid me the $12.00 fare. She was in Kuala Lumpur for only one night, a trip she relishes as she enjoys getting away from her regular workplace once in a while and feels refreshed each time from such breaks.
The one that paid me $25.00 was the only Tourist passenger, a 41 year old gentleman carrying a medium size travelling sling-bag, whom I picked up at 6.00pm in the city area and he wanted to go to the airport at Terminal 2. When I asked him what time was his flight, he told me at 4.00am, I was quickly startled and began talking and asking questions with a bit of hand gestures, but each time he looked surprised and bewildered, somewhat lost. I immediately realised he could only speak a little bit of English, and so throughout the journey, we both used hand gestures, spoke only simple English words and amazingly, we managed to understand each other quite well. He is a Kazak, and comes from Kazakhstan. He is here to visit his wife who is also a Kazak and is working in their country's embassy in Singapore. He told me about his country having four seasons, says Singapore is beautiful, trees everywhere and also mentioned a bit about his father, mother and family. Our conversation to get to know and learn more about each other was limited due to time and language constraint and before long we were already at the airport. It was great trying to understand each other and we both thoroughly enjoyed our handicapped conversation while it lasted. He shook hands with me, said goodbye, and all this while he had on a smiley face which I cannot forget.

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