Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Season's Contagious Breakdowns.

The night before Christmas eve, my taxi's air-conditioner broke down, a gas leakage as it began blowing hot air instead. Had to send the taxi to the workshop to get it fixed quickly and as soon as possible the next day. It took four and the half hours to repair the leak as well as to refill gas. As agreed, my Relief Driver had the unenvious task to see to the repairs and luckily, Saturday morning the workshop was opened for half a day and so, his entire shift was burnt, but, he did not have to pay his shift rental and fuel charges incurred as this was to be totally borne by me.

As the next and night shift operator, I had to drive long and hard to recover costs and loss of earnings, so, after the end of a very tiring workday, I had already driven nearly 400 kilometres, to be exact, 387 km, able to pay the full day's rental, cost of fuel and still managed to earn a nett income of $50.00. But unfortunately, after I had finished work and was returning home, I discovered that my cab's speedometer had stopped functioning. Again another breakdown headache.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were both public holidays and the motor workshop was closed for the weekend and so, no repairs could be be done till Tuesday. My Relief Driver and I had no choice but to just drive without the use of the speedometer for the next two days. The taximeter was in good order and that was very important but the speedometer kept emitting a 'beep-beep' sound off and on which was most irritating whilst we worked.

The two days have passed by quickly and this morning, my Relief Driver have to drive the taxi to the workshop to get the speedometer repaired, hopefully it will not take too long or else I will have to bear the full cost of rental and fuel once more, not to mention a repeat of another hard day's work.

This is the first time in all my years as a Taxi Driver that such break downs occurred which have made this Christmas season most unfruitful for me. Somehow, I feel as though the recent MRT train breakdowns could have been contagious. 

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