Friday, December 2, 2011

Return To Me. (Sounds familiar?).

Staying put like in a 'merry go round' and unable to get out for three solid hours, I became very "Sian" and started counting. You see, I was following the queue at Bukit Panjang Plaza taxi stand at about 7.45pm last night and for the next three hours or so, I kept coming back to the taxi stand, time after time, fetching passengers to places nearby one after another, and each time, all my passengers carried at least 7 to 10 NTUC plastic bags full of groceries, goodies and stuff which very much slowed down the loading process. My 'boot' had also worked overtime getting filled up with plastic bags on every trip. I kept count of about 8 similar continuous trips and it seemed endless, kind of a repeat 'dilemma', a feeling of getting 'stucked' at the same taxi stand which must have possessed a kind of powerful 'magnet'.
The taxi fares were all slim as expected, between $3.20 to $4.40 going in short circles, to Petir Road twice, Ring Road, Fajar Road, Jelapang Road, Segar Road and Pending Road, all the roads located so close by.
Finally, after telling myself to drive away from the 'stale' stand for the last time, my wish came true and I ferried this young man to West Coast Drive, what an exciting change of venue but, as soon as he alighted near the Food Centre, after paying me the $8.00 fare, another young man immediately came on board, "Uncle, Bukit Panjang Plaza please". "Ouch, oh no, not back again" I whimpered. It was too good to be true, sighing as I started the drive back.

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