Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pleasant and Wonderful Working Day.

I was very busy last night ferrying passengers mostly on long trips. The fares that I collected ranged between $11 to $23 except an odd one at $4.80 and also over the shortest trip. It was not a bad day's taking for me, above average.

All my passengers throughout the night did not even mention a word nor commented about the taximeter fare increases. They were very pleasant except for the one that paid the least fare. There were three of them, two women and a man, in their sixties I presumed. One of the women hinted just before they alighted in Hokkien "Taxi buay sai chay" meaning "Taxi cannot sit". These four words spoken in Hokkien literally meant that taxis can no longer be used. I kept quiet because the fare she paid might have been sixty cents more than usual. Apart from this very slight remark, all went well with no other dissatisfactions shown.

Tonight is going to be another hectic workday for me, being the Eve of the last day of year 2011.

To Everyone, Friends, Followers and Viewers of my Blogspot, I wish you all "A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2012!".

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