Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picky Passenger.

An elderly woman boarded my taxi at Resorts World taxi stand just before 8.00pm last night. She wanted to go home to her condominium apartment situated at the former Yeo Hiap Seng factory site along Dunearn Road. As soon as I began driving away from the taxi stand, she asked me what the $1.00 shown on the left hand side of my taxi meter was for. I told her that it was for the peak hour surcharge which is between the hours from 5.00pm to 8.00pm, at the same time pointing to her the exact time shown on my wristwatch, to which she immediately said, "But it is past 8.00pm now, the lady who stood beside me at the taxi stand told me so. How can you charge me the extra $1.00 then? You are taking advantage of me". I started explaining to her that it was beyond my control as the meter fare and time is adjusted and fixed by the LTA, Land Transport Authorities, and I cannot manipulate or add in any amount I wished. She began speaking in a harsh and angry tone, accusing me of adding the surcharge of $1.00 saying, "I come to the Casino very often and I know about the fixed $3.00 surcharge \, this I will pay but not the additional extra $1.00 which is unfair". I replied "Aunty, if you are unwilling to pay the peak hour surcharge of $1.00 I will forego it, but please mind your words, I am not a cheat so don't keep repeating your accusations". She said she comes from Indonesia and she has often donated big sums of money towards charities and the $1.00 means nothing to her, its the principle. It was futile trying to keep on explaining about the surcharge and so, I chose to remain silent for the rest of the way feeling rather annoyed over the incident. When we arrived at her condominium, the metered fare was $14.10 and I said "You may pay me $13.00". She paid me according to my request and exclaimed "These few days keep raining all the time" as she alighted. 

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