Friday, December 23, 2011

"He asked for it what!"

Hail a Comfort or a SMRT taxi and you know their metered fare have already increased accordingly, but each time, whenever I ask my passengers if they had felt any such increase in their fares riding these cabs, they would simply say "Its about the same, not much difference leh".
There are one or two passengers who would ask me why I had to increase the taxi fares and when I tell them its not my doing, its the Taxi company that decides and makes the decision, they just shrugged their heads and say, "Ahh no lah, you people are the ones who put pressure on your Companies to demand for an increase all the time, you think we are fools ah".
This was the particular passenger whom I was unfortunate to have fetched yesterday evening from Sim's Drive and he asked to go to Tampines Street 34. I thought he was trying to be funny or maybe try to irritate me so as to get me involved in having a stupid argument with him or simply just to annoy me, but, unfortunately for him, I was quite prepared for his kind of nonsense from the way he behaved and the manner and style in which he made that remark and so, I replied "Of course what, you mean to tell me you don't expect any bonus from your Boss even when his Company is doing very well and at the end of the year, expect no bonus nor even a small salary increase from his Company meh? and if there is none, don't tell me you just sit and keep quiet and don't even ask???". to which he became an instant 'deaf-mute' and remain quiet throughout the journey.
This guy tried to be funny by putting the blame on me for the Fare Hikes, but he happened to bark up the wrong cabbie who would purposely hit back.
Sometimes I get 'tickled' when I take them on. You see, its usually these irritating minority group of passengers who hardly use taxis, maybe only once in a while who grumbles most and likes to make unreasonable and baseless remarks that can rile you. I would normally try not to engage in any arguments or even have casual conversations with these type of commuters by keeping 'mum' or just simply say "Ya" to anything he or she says.


  1. Hello Uncle Frank! I'm the "Xiao long bao" girl you picked up just now! :) all the best to you and take care of your health ah!

  2. Hi May! Yes, of course I remember you and the "no Xiao Long Pau" at Crystal Jade in Toa Payoh. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishing you A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    Best Regards and Cheers!