Sunday, December 18, 2011


I must admit, Taxi Drivers are truly unavoidable legal eavesdroppers. When my passengers start to quarrel among themselves, I have totally no control and no choice whatsoever but to remain quiet, with a listening ear and become a third party witness to the many different types of quarrels imaginable over the years. Quarrels that happen in my cab are usually between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, lovers and also among siblings. Most quarrels are the subdued types, it starts with short aggressive remarks with harsh words, retorts, blurted out in stern but sober tones, sometimes they may sound as though they were whispering yet loud enough, very audible over very small petty issues.
In some cases, angry and ugly arguments over infidelity are spewed out unashamedly, exposing the actions of the guilty party concerned, exactly like happenings in True Life stories that we might have read or have come across in our lives before, and they can be quite interesting listening to the facts and details of infidelities.
As a cab driver, I have always maintained a 'mind your own business' attitude, but sometimes when I feel things are getting a bit out of hand, I would gently ask them if I should make a left or right turn or if I should take this or that road which usually puts a sudden halt to their heated arguments and it does help to cool down the heat somewhat.
Quarrels between boyfriends, girlfriends and lovers are slightly different. They would start by speaking angry words and then stop, a short while later, a few more unhappy words and then silence. I can sometimes sense the kind of miserable feelings the couples maybe going through with a few spoken words off and on followed by total silence till they reach their destinations.

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