Friday, December 9, 2011

Diverse Personalities Of Commuters.

There are about 5 different types of passengers who make use of taxis, I shall try to categorise them into particular groupings.

(a) The die hard taxi users, this group of commuters will not use any other types of public transport other than taxis irregardless of any fare hikes.
(b) The 50-50 users, very calculative group, they will travel halfway by buses and trains, and the rest of the way by taxis, always ready with correct fares.
(c) The occasional or 'once in a blue moon' type of passenger will only use the taxi as a last resort, very fussy, unappreciative, and most likely the ones that make the most complaints and loves grumbling.
(d) The expats and permanent residents group, are usually direct in their requests, knows local rules and regulations well and what they can expect of the services.
(e) The tourist commuters, are usually very polite, takes everything in their stride for they do not know and will accept whatever and wherever, very appreciative and likes to tip. A very excited, friendly and cheerful lot.

I started driving a taxi in October 1997 and my experiences with passengers, up till today, after all these years, have given me some sort of ability to summarise and categorise the above interesting behavioural patterns of certain groups of commuters. Of course there are also the inimitable stingy, unreasonable, quarrelsome, arrogant type of passengers, a minority group though, but overall and generally, most commuters are generous and truly very pleasant individuals.

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