Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold and Rainy Days.

Its raining again, yes this time of the year is always much cooler and here are some of the common requests that I get from passengers, "Uncle, can bring down the air-con?" ("Bring down?"), "Uncle, brrrrrr, very cold, can please close or not?", "Uncle, I am not feeling well, don't mind put smaller can?, thank you", "Wah, your taxi so cold cannot tahan", "Uncle, can open window or not, too cold". These are a few 'cute' and very Singaporean style of requests for me to lower the air-con thermo or they say "Please switch off air-con, too cold" abrupt and straight to the point.
In all my years as a cabbie, I have yet to hear from tourists a call to lower my taxi air-con. It is quite unusual but I think, they (tourists) are not sure if it is polite or not and therefore hesitate and restrain from making such requests. But there are times, through 'body language' I can more or less tell if they are feeling a bit cold and I would just say "Is my air-con too cold?", and the responses I get are always "Yes, thank you".
During very heavy rainy days, the only setback and irritation that annoys me, are from those passengers (not many, but there a few) who in their hurry to board my cab, would just simply put their wet umbrellas on the seat without any second thoughts. There are many times I try to avoid stopping for passengers with umbrellas over their heads on rainy days but till today, I would still reluctantly stop and fetch them. 

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