Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tidings.

Christmas is just around the corner, in fact, exactly one week from now. This year's Christmas light-up along the famous Orchard Road strip is not continuous enough I think, as it ends abruptly near Dhoby Ghaut instead of all the way right up to Suntec City like in previous years, and therefore the lightings and decorations have made me feel as though the works are not fully completed yet.
This popular stretch of road is always first to bring in Christmas cheers, the kind of atmosphere which starts the celebration mood going, bringing in huge crowds of visitors, both local and foreign, with thousands of shoppers flooding shopping centres displaying big holiday discounts and fantastic promotions of all kinds of goodies that you can think of.
This year's colour theme of glittering blue, white and silver looks great, very lively and refreshing. I enjoy and especially love driving around this area during the night, soaking in the beautiful decorations, display of so many christmas trees, colourful lightings, people activities such as carollers, buskers performances and I am also at the same time quite oblivious to all the chaotic traffic jams that I get stucked in.
The recent taxi fare hikes have not really dampened the Christmas festive mood as evidenced by the usual long queues of commuters, and the unpopular fare hike issues have also suddenly been overshadowed by the latest continuous MRT train breakdowns, causing huge disruptions and chaos during the past few days.
Yes, this Christmas has indeed brought in an unexpected 'Tidings of the Third Kind'.

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