Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Is A Time For Giving And Receiving.

Christmas is just round the corner and we should all be rejoicing and getting ready once again for another year ending with many happy surprises of goodies to come such as, the main Christmas celebrations in churches and everywhere for christians as well as non-christians from all over the world, giving and receiving gifts for families, friends young and old and happy re-unions for everyone, annual holidays, annual company dinners, great annual sales, great parties and entertainments, annual salary increases and bonuses and lots more.
The biggest 'Hoo-Ha' of discontentment this year seems to be coming from taxi commuters with yesterday's sudden announcement of taxi fare hikes and surcharges to be effective this coming monday by the owners of Singapore's largest taxi fleet. This 'hot' topic is presently the 'Talk of the Town' from all walks of life.
Past experiences have shown us that in any sort of price increase issues, comes firstly, resentments, disapprovals, complaints all round but, by the end of the day, all issues will eventually quieten down and then  gradually be accepted as the days go by and will soon be forgotten while life goes on. This has been the norm for us Singaporeans, if you like, just try recalling the recent 'outcries' in the General Elections, price increases in coffee and food episodes. But come this Christmas and it will bring forth Harmony, Joy, Well Wishes and all 'ill' feelings, grudges will soon disappear and be forgotten.
As for me, in this unpredictable and ever changing world that we live in, I feel happy to take this opportunity to Wish You, One and All  "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!". Cheers !

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