Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Slight 'Knock'.

Horror of horrors, the slightest knock bumper to bumper with no visible sign of any damage at all to both vehicles, yet I am being penalised and made to pay $1,600/- being amount of the insurance 'excess' clause. This is a great loss I have to bear, and also a very bad start and dissapointing day for me.
In August, along Bras Basah Road just alongside Chijmes, there was a traffic jam with vehicles all clogged up, moving at snail's pace, my right leg slipped a little from the accelerator pedal forcing my cab to lurch forward slightly and lightly bumped into the rear bumper of the vehicle in from of mine. The driver of the front vehicle and I both alighted to see if there was any damage to our vehicles. There were none, and I apologised for the incident and we were both on our way again. I thought that was the end of it all, I even gave my mobile number for contact should there be any discussion needed out of goodwill. True enough, the next day, the driver called me and said his vehicle suffered a slight shift of his bumper. I offered to make good any problems there is but through negotiations, we agreed to make individual insurance reports and my company then continued with offer to repair whatever damages there is at the company's workshop. I felt relieved that everything was in order and left it at that, thinking its all over till I received bill compelling me to pay the excess amount. Shocked and dismayed that this became such a big issue out of only a slight knock on the bumper I have to thrash it out with my taxi company in the next few days.

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