Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unruly Behaviour.

I was very busy yesterday ferrying passengers continuously over long distances. It was later in the night around 11.30pm when I picked up an 'unruly' fortyish looking guy along River Valley Road and he wanted to go to Geylang Lorong 16. He hopped in the front passenger seat, roughly pulled the seat to slide more to the rear and sat in a reclining position. As I started to drive, I noticed that he had not put on his safety belt and when I requested him to strap up, he simply refused and said in Hokkien "Never mind, don't be scared". I told him it is compulsory to do so and again he refused saying, "Just drive and if I get caught, I will pay the fine". The way he spoke and behaved, clearly indicated an unreasonable 'hooliganistic' attitude. I sensed that he must have been drinking and feeling a bit 'high' from his smelling of liquor. Not wanting to pursue an argument which may turn ugly, I decided to ignore and leave him alone. I drove a bit faster to quickly reach his destination and was lucky enough to avoid being stopped by traffic cops along the route. Reaching the corner coffeshop at Lorong 16, he alighted after paying the exact fare and walked off unsteadily.
He gave me a bit of 'hard time' but then it is not uncommon to face unreasonable and nasty commuters in this service profession. As far as I am concerned, I must honestly say that nearly all commuters that I have fetched in my taxi driving years have so far been polite and courteous.

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