Friday, November 4, 2011

Ugly and Shameful Behaviour.

Last night, two 73 year old senior citizens, very ill-tempered and with foul mouths, frustrated, angry, agitated and panting as they boarded my cab outside Lavender Food Centre, along Jalan Besar Road at about 8.45pm. They wanted to go to Hougang Avenue 4, and as soon as they seated themselves, loud and filthy Hokkien vulgarities started spewing out from the both of them non-stop and together at the same time. They began by swearing and cursing a number of taxi drivers (about 7 taxis) who did not stop for them when they were flagged even though their taxis had shown that they were vacant. They said they had to walk all the way from Bendemeer MRT station to where we met and it was already more than half an hour ago and yet no taxis will stop for them. They claimed that taxi drivers must be very rich people, earning at least five thousand dollars monthly, thats why they don't bother to stop and pick them up. They said they would have reached home if they had taken the MRT and when I asked why they had not done so, they immediately remarked that there were so many taxis around and they wanted to go home quickly, its not as if they don't have the money to pay for the taxi fare. This loud vulgar swearings and cursings went on and on, to the extent of even wishing taxi drivers be robbed and beaten up and maybe killed if possible because they deserved it, until they revealed that they were ex-taxi drivers themselves which shocked and stunned me momentarily. I understood straightaway that these two ex-cabbies cannot accept being 'The Commuters' now and facing 'unwilling' vacant cabs and its their turn to start waiting and catching errant cabs like what they were and must have been doing in the past themselves. I chose to remain quiet the rest of the journey, not to engage them in any rebuttals or arguments but to quickly despatch them to their destination. I just want to forget this ugly and uncalled for episode from the behaviour of these two shameful senior citizens cum ex taxi drivers with their despicable attitudes. 

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