Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reservoir's Calling!

Premonition!  thats it, after sending a lady passenger to Bedok Reservoir View just after midnight (early Saturday morning), I decided to stop at the first bus stop pass the junction of Bedok Ave. 3 to have a breather and anyway my last job before turning in. Got down from my cab, crossed the road towards the reservoir's edge, lighted up and thought this was indeed a beautiful sight. Its serenity, water, water everywhere, beautiful scenery, tranquil and so very peaceful and calm. Just then, I remembered and recalled about the drownings and deaths that happened hereabouts, the most recent, a female, only a couple of weeks ago. Is this a silent and inviting 'graveyard' or what? Why are people coming here to end their lives? These deathly thoughts raced through my mind and I thought more deaths may occur in future because this place might be an 'in' thing or location for those who have lost 'it". Never did I imagine that another tragedy or death would happen so fast as I read the news online just now. Shocking! This is going to be the reservoir's 6th victim, and also at a time when the Inter-Religious Organization, Community leaders and some residents are gathered on the floating platform at the reservoir this morning to bless it. Its scary to think of the co-incidence and the happening so immediate (the Reservoir is alive?). I don't think I will stop by the banks of this 'reservoir' for any 'breather' in future anymore for that matter.


  1. Hi Uncle Frank! :) very nice to have gotten in your can yesterday evening! You were about to tell me about the steps of marriages but our journey ended-maybe you could write about those? :)) Been reading your past entries and it's really nice to read. :) look forward to more!

  2. Thanks Amsie, you are most welcomed. I think you are about to enter Level One very soon, to become a 'married man' if I am not mistaken, I could be wrong though. Anyway, to write those may take too long. Tell you what, email me anything you wish to know and I will be glad to further enlighten you. Cheers !