Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Orchard Road 'Light Up' Again?

Wow, another 'Light Up' exercise at Orchard Road last night? Luckily it was put out before the fire can spread, otherwise we would be seeing only burnt tree trunks as Christmas decorations and 'natural lights' provided by the heavens above us come Christmas Day.
This is the first time as far as I can recall that an incident such as this unusual second 'lighting up' has happened. In fact, I had just driven past Takashimaya about 10 minutes earlier otherwise I would have seen the fiery lights and maybe even snap a few pictures with my mobile camera.
Throughout last night I kept thinking about the bright star in the sky which heralded the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. What if, I mused, what if the christmas tree fire were to happen on this coming Christmas Day in Singapore? Yes, it would definitely be declared by all Christians as a 'Divine' happening and a 'Reminder' of the day Jesus Christ was born, a 'sign' of  the 'fire' representing a bright 'Star' on earth instead of in the sky and right here on Orchard Road. Woh, what sensational news broadcasts it would have made around the world, just then, my passenger, an Indian gentleman called out "Hello, hello, I said Street 21 in Pasir Ris and not here in Tampines" I quickly replied "Oh, oh, so sorry, so sorry, I must have been dreaming" and immediately changed course. 

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