Thursday, November 24, 2011

Massive Jams.

Yesterday was a dull and very quiet workday for me. I was caught in many traffic jams which was quite unusual as they happened along most of the expressways that I was in. Long rows of vehicles, bumper to bumper, looks as though the country's vehicles were all spread out on the roads. It was raining earlier and also during peak hours did not help any. I managed to chalk up about 155 kilometres, short of near my normal hundred. Anyway, I could still cover my rental and diesel and made a little pocket money. Hopefully conditions today will improve for the better.
When it rains, I mean pour during the peak hours between 5pm to 8pm, thats when folks just finish work and rushing home, with very heavy traffic flow, roads get all clogged up which ultimately leads to long jams. In addition, with these sort of weather conditions, many accidents occur, including vehicle breakdowns and also, not forgetting about impatience and tempers joining in, thus causing huge massive jams eventually.   

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