Friday, November 18, 2011

Its Party Time.

At about a quarter to midnight, I picked up 3 caucasian passengers at Holland Village taxi stand and they wanted to go to Jervois Road. As soon as all were on board, the guy who sat in the front passenger seat with his two pretty and charming lady companions who sat in the back seat, continuously chatting and laughing aloud at the same time when I, being inquisitive, not bashful and not minding my own business, suddenly butted in and enquired which country they were from, as the language they spoke in, sounded unique to me, and the guy smilingly turn to me and replied "Where do you think we are from, have a guess", and I said "Maybe from Switzerland?" and he immediately said "Oh no, I don't like Swiss people! We are from Holland", and the three of them laughed heartily together. From then on, my cab was filled with loud laughter from the four of us as we continuously joked and teased each other throughout the whole journey. I told them that I am a 'nocturnal' creature as I don't sleep at night but only during the day, saying "My eyes become very sharp and clear and I become very wide awake when it is midnight, you know what I mean?" and this Dutchman comicly feign fear and spoke in a frightened voice "Oh oh, no way, I'm not telling you where I live" and all of us screamed and laughed so very loudly. We really had great fun and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly till we finally reach their destination. We were waving and wishing each other goodnight and still laughing as we parted. This was indeed a pleasurable last trip for me as I head for home. Wow, what a happy and fantastic Dutch Trio they turn out to be. How I wish all my last trips end this way all the time.

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