Monday, November 28, 2011

An 'Invincible' Passenger.

There is always a first time as I led this 'passenger' not going to be on board my cab at all, but driving in his own vehicle, following closely behind me as I guided him to Kranji Camp along Chua Chu Kang Way.
You see, I was flagged by this 'passenger' after the traffic lights at the junction of Bukit Gombak Military Camp along upp. Bukit Timah Road around 9.30pm last night. He was standing behind his parked car when he flagged me. He walked up to me on my driver's side as soon as I pulled up and asked if I could show him the way to Kranji Military Camp. He offered to pay me for my services and immediately handed me a $10 bill to mean that he was being genuine and needed me to guide him to the Camp. I straightaway took out my Directory to show him the map but he just waved and said "No, no, I am not good at directions, I just need you to lead me to Kranji Military Camp please".
Well, I thought, its still providing a service and agreed. Before he returned to his own vehicle, he told me to try not to go too fast. I said "Okay" and drove at a moderate pace, looking through my rear mirror most of the time to make sure that he is 'tailing' me all the way. When we arrived at the Camp, the metered fare showed $7.60 but I only charged him $7.00. He thanked me for my patience and help as he collected back his change of $3.00. I said "You are still my 'passenger' just the same and thank you".
This trip was a first of its kind for me and I thought it funny having a 'passenger' who is not even on board my cab as I continued cruising around.

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