Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Generosity and Thoughtfulness.

Pleasant surprises for me yesterday from two of my passengers. The first was when this middleaged woman whom I picked up at People's Park taxi stand at about 7.30pm last night, she insisted that I must accept a soy-bean drink (in plastic bag) as she had just bought two bags, one was actually intended for her young son when he returns from his grandparents home, but then he will not, 'cause he chose to stay another day. I was reluctant to accept at first, but she was adamant and kept insisting till I finally relented.
The second surprise came during my last intended trip for the day as it was already midnight, when these two young Indian men boarded my cab near Railway Mall. They wanted to go to two places, first Bukit Batok Central and then to Yew Tee. Along the way, one of them requested and asked if I could just stop at MacDonalds for 5 minutes, he was feeling very hungry and needed to buy something home to eat as his wife was already asleep, he did not wish to disturb her. Since this was to be my last trip, I said okay. Less than 5 minutes later, he was back with 3 packs of quarter-pounder hamburgers, one for his friend and the other for me. Wah, I was surprised, at first I refused but he and his friend kept saying "Uncle, you too must be hungry lah, c'mon lah, take, take". They were both very persistent, kind and thoughtful, I gratefully accepted. When we reached their destinaton at Yew Tee, the metered fare was showing $13.00 and they straightaway gave me $15.00 and told me to keep the change as well. Wow, what a pair of great guys they turn out to be, so generous too. This was to be yet another unforgettable workday for me as I thanked them wholeheartedly and wished them goodnight. 

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