Thursday, November 10, 2011

Filial Piety ! Huh, whats that ?

Recent articles of parents on the receiving end is sick and utterly disgusting. 'Young teenage girl slaps her mother twice and feeling proud about it, even to the extent of broadcasting and boasting to the whole world'. What has become or gone wrong with our TNG (The Next Generation)? Wait a minute, here comes another one, 'man chases father and mother out of his home, reprimands them for not helping in household chores, only eat and sleep'. My goodness, this is disgusting!
The Government's regular talks and calls for more care and aid towards helping the elderly together with reminders on lessons of filial piety has come to nought. Parents poor upbringing to be blamed, excessive sacrifices and giving in all the time also to be blamed and last but not least, bringing them into this world in the first place have themselves totally to be blamed. This is truly a sad day for one and all. Happinesss, Joy, Hope and Pride may no longer be forthcoming for parents except a sense of helplessness as they may slowly await punishments and regrets one day when they grow old and in their twilight years with senility and dementia closing in.
At the end of it all remember, there still exists a word called 'Retribution' lest they forget.

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