Saturday, November 12, 2011

Favourite Working Days.

How time passes us by so very quickly, its Saturday once again. Fridays and Saturdays are taxi drivers favourite working days, this is when we are kept very busy with passengers waiting for us everywhere, especially at taxi stands of Shopping Malls, Night Clubs and all places of interests. These are days when we come out in full force and none would wish to take 'off' at all. Takings for these days normally exceed by at least a third compared with other days of the week.
Sometimes, we get carried away, we tend to forget and just skip our meals and coffee breaks until later in the day when hunger beckons, thats when we stop work. It is during this break that we start to feel bodily aches here and there. Taxi drivers who have worked continually for more than 20 years suffer gastric pains and backaches, the most common ailments. Overall, I think being a taxi driver is still the best retirement job. We continue to remain actively involved in daily happenings, keeping our minds alert and active till we reach the age limit of seventy three when we have to finally retire.

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