Tuesday, November 8, 2011

'Cheats' here and there.

Reverse actions involving taxi drivers from a neighbouring country, in this case, Vietnam. In Singapore, we often read about fare cheats but in Hanoi, we read about taxi cheats (over-charging). Recently, a couple from Singapore, attending the 80th Interpol General Assembly held in Hanoi were made to pay $360 for a 10km ride which would normally cost only $10 and not only that, they also left an iphone4 in the cab which has yet to be recovered. Earlier this year, a Malaysian woman reporter was made to pay $240 for a ride to the airport which would have cost only $9. The cab she took was found to be an unlicenced one (a 'pirate' cab) which had similar markings belonging to a big taxi firm. She was made to walk to the Airport when she refused to pay $500 demanded by the driver. There is an increase of taxi driver cheats (a criminal offence) in Hanoi and the Transport Authorities are still investigating cases involving the drivers and also the taxi companies.
In Singapore, overcharging is a serious offence and the taxi licence can be revoked.

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