Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arrogant and Unreasonable Attitude.

I had not driven much but in one of my trips, ferrying a middleaged female Chinese National, I had a hard time trying to tell her I had not enough small change for her hundred dollar bill she gave to me for the metered fare of $6.50. She could not accept the fact, felt agitated and was very unreasonable speaking in a heavily accented Mandarin tone and in a harsh manner that it was none of her business why I had insufficient change and that I should be more prepared. I asked her nicely if it was alright to proceed to the petrol station down the road at the junction of River Valley Road and Jervois Road to make a small purchase in order to acquire some small change, but she simply refused, saying she was already late, was not her fault at all and starting to raise her voice. I was feeling tired and not in the mood to prolong further this absurd confrontation and so I told her to just pay me whatever loose change she had on her and I will forego the rest. She mumbled, dug into her purse, took out a $2 bill and 35 cents coins, handed them to me and immediately alighted. I drove off quickly, thinking it was just not my day today and decided to head home to get some rest.  

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