Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amorous Charades.

Fetching male and female foreign workers to their favourite haunts all over Singapore has been a common activity for me throughout my taxi-ing career. Here we have a typical scenario of a male foreign Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi worker, who would hail my cab, directs me to a private residence, park about 30 metres away from a particular house and wait for about 5 minutes or so, while he makes his phone calls to announce his arrival and then from out of nowhere his girlfriend, usually a Phillipina would appear and straightaway board my cab. In this sort of charade, they will often end up at a cheap hotel immediately after, small hotels such as Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotels located along Balestier Road are usually preferred. Very often, whilst in the cab I can't help but listen to their cheeky and naughty chit-chats, normally in broken English, gigglings and at times noisily grabbing or groping each other.
Who can blame nor criticise their amorous behaviour when these individuals mostly with their spouses living faraway at home overseas, try to overcome their loneliness and need for sex and companionship. These relationships can and have resulted in stabbings and killings when jealousies, passions go hay-wire.

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