Monday, November 7, 2011

An "Act of God".

Heavy rainfalls, flooding, stalled vehicles and people wading in flood waters waist high near where I lived during my teenage years were a common disastrous sight. My family lived in the corner double-storey terrace house, ten in a row, along Thomson Road, directly opposite Mount Pleasant Road and the Singapore Polo Club. These row of terrace houses have since been demolished. Everytime when there is continuous heavy rainfall throughout the whole day, the whole area gets flooded and looked like a big swimming pool. Imagine flood waters reaching knee high inside our house and as a youngster, it was always a big thrill and fun time, playing in the flood waters, waiting for chances to earn a few dollars when we help push stalled vehicles along Thomson Road was the most exciting pastime. Many young people would swim near the small bridge, at the T-junction of Mt. Pleasant Road/Thomson Road, jumping off into the swollen swift flowing river, devoid of any sense of danger whatsoever. The roads were impassable to all vehicles and were hardly visible at all to a certain extent.
Magnify the scenario and picture the vast devastation of flooding presently happening in Thailand as I read the newspapers and watched the television news coverage each day of the continuous and un-ending rising flood waters, causing heavy destruction including several hundred deaths already, I can only visualise a little bit, in a small way with what it was like to be in such situations although my experiences were only a tiny fraction compared to the tragic magnitude of sufferings affecting Thai people today, whose lives are being traumatised with properties lost, destroyed and death toll rising. When will the water 'Nightmare' in Thailand go away?

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