Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winds of Change.

Gigantic ''Waves of Changes' is presently brewing in Singapore.
On the scene, Hefty restrictions to curb the mushrooming of Money Lenders' and their undesirable activities, similar to Loan Sharking are being implemented, starting with the ban on advertisements in local newspapers which have seen hundreds of ads. in recent months, many misleading, making its appearances daily.
Next, we have the 'noose' tightening up Smokers' pleasures by more and even more restricted 'No Smoking' areas everywhere. I daresay a 'Smoke Free' Singapore is inevitable in the not too distant future.

Problem gambling is now being heavily scrutinized and studies to control and to prevent an outbreak in the destruction of Locals are in sight. The outcome I suppose, will result from more future debates, forums and surveys. Presently, with the Mass Rapid Transport, (MRT), Circle Line in full operation, teething problems which have already appeared, and have yet to be tackled and made good, is currently making headlines involving human traffic jams. More changes, controls and new Laws will soon be hatching.    

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