Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unselfish Acts.

This is one particular trip I will not forget.
I was hailed by this pretty young lady along Thomson Road late last night around 11.30pm, and she wanted to go to Ang Moh Kio St.44. Along the way, we started talking generally about working life. She said she was on leave today and that she works in a handphone retail shop in Sim Lim Square. Her straightforward information started me asking lots of questions about mobile phones. She did not feel irritated at all, instead responded to my queries in a happy fashion, about the latest iPhone4 model which I was carrying and she too had a similar one.
You see, I have yet to learn how to manage the many functions it has and she told me for exanple, how to prolong battery life, turn off activities which I don't use, cost of phone accessories, like battery chargers, leather coverings, how to make free calls through Skype and so many other things. The information she gave me was so interesting and comprehensive, all of which I was totally unaware of. She was so kind to offer to help me with certain adjustments to my mobile as soon as we reached her destination. When we arrived, she was so thoughtful by asking to allow her to pay the fare first and thereafter she immediately started working on my handphone, deleting and updating datas, at the same time, instructing me on how to perform and activate certain functions with the handphone which I needed to know. She was very knowledgeable and tremendously helpful, but most of all, she was very patient. I thanked her and was very grateful to her for helping me make adjustments to my mobile. As soon as I began driving away, I suddenly felt so lousy and ungrateful for having collected the taxi fare from her earlier after what she had done for me.
I am truly blessed to be able to meet, get to know and ferry so many beautiful passengers aboard my taxi everyday.  

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