Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unavoidable !

At 11.30pm last night, I picked up a young man, a Chinese National, along Lorong 17 Geylang and he wanted to go to Tanah Merah Kechil in Bedok. He seemed quite sober when he boarded my cab and sat in the front passenger seat. But, as soon as I turned right to go on Sim's Avenue, he started showing signs of 'puking'. I immediately opened my dashboard glove box and took out a plastic bag for his disposal should he puke, and he did just that. I was lucky to be swift enough to prevent my cab from getting into a smelly mess I thought, but when I switched on my front ceiling light, I was utterly dismayed to see his jeans covered with damp-like puke stains along his upper thigh region and then that sickening liquor smell came on. At that moment I felt like stopping my taxi to ask him to alight, but I just could not, instead, I stepped on the gas and drove faster.
All this while, he was coughing and puking, a little at a time continuously. I quickly grabbed another plastic bag for him just in case the first bag gets filled up. I also wound down my two front windows slightly to let in some fresh air. All along, my mind was just in full concentration in driving fast till I reached his destination. I parked alongside the road kerb, his metered fare showed exactly $11.00. He fumbled and dug out from his damp pants (3) crumpled and slightly wet $2.00 notes and a single fiver and paid me, and without a word, alighted from my cab and walked off in a dazed manner.
After he left, I was very annoyed to see wet stains with tiny white food particles covering the top of the whole seat. I parked my cab further up the road at an empty space and spent about 20 minutes cleaning up the passenger seat, and finally sprayed at least half a cannister of air freshener inside my cab before I drove away. It was just after midnight, I decided to call it a day.

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