Friday, October 21, 2011

Shock and Shame.

Shocking! and Inhuman! Murder of an innocent 2 year old toddler in China. Are we living in a supposedly civilized world? Recent anger, outrage and pain from people all over the world watching the video of the ugly and brutal murder that took place in China has been the talk of the town. All my passengers have been shocked and saddened that such a thing can even happen in this present age, and voiced out against the 'could not careless attitude' of the 17 people passing by the badly injured and crumpled body of the little girl without even lifting an 'eyelid' let alone help. The poor little girl died today. I feel very sad and ashamed. 


  1. The very reason for China's own downfall is with its own people. Our forefathers and ancestors knew that and we became the overseas Chinese, the better ones.

  2. How right you are Kelvin, the truth is all there and we are now the better ones. Well said.