Friday, October 14, 2011

Popular Singlish Phrases.

The usual familiar replies I often get from almost all my Singaporean passengers for my casual questions, come in short and crisp singlish phrases. For example, if I were to ask "Do you work this late everyday?" the answers would be, "Yes lor" or "Aiyah, what to do" or "No choice leh". These are some of the many short phrases that are commonly used by most Singaporeans.
Other famous and popular phrases which I hear everyday whilst at work are as follows: "Aiyoh, where got time", "No time leh", "Got to rush" or "In a hurry", "Very jialat leh", "Very stressed" and lots more. Singaporeans may seem to be an impatient and complaining lot, but then again, we have also visibly shown tremendous patience and discipline each time we line up in a long queue to wait our turn at taxi stands, Atm machines, ticketing booths or at shopping malls.


  1. Hi Uncle Fred, what you said was spot on...nowadays, many people like to speak singlish...even i like to speak that way. Another thing people like to say is "can you 'on' the air-con, what time you eating" (especially children) etc.
    Bye, and hope to have a ride on your taxi soon!

  2. Okay Lor! See you again.

    Cheers !

    Uncle Frank