Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its all in the mind.

After I introduced myself as a taxi blogger to this lady whom I picked up at SGH (Singapore General Hospital), she immediately exclaimed "Uncle, wow. I am amazed, at your age you are IT savvy". She said her mother who is 67, whom she was visiting, is suffering from depression and is presently being looked after in the hospital, is my age. She told me that her mother is afraid to use high tech mobile phones, let alone a computer.
You know, many of my passengers were surprised and have shown astonishment when they learn that I am blogging and trying to do it everyday. Honestly, if we want to try to learn or do something new, something out of this world, we can, when we immediately set our minds to it, start learning how, and then  finally DO IT. The thing is this, if we think we are old, then we become old. Learn to understand that 'its all in the mind' to anything and everything and we are on our way. Fear of the unknown has always put us off from trying or experiencing new adventures. Shying off from doing things new and old is actually, to put it simply, LAZINESS, thats what it is, the Truth and nothing but the Truth.
To write blogs everyday is not an easy thing to do but I try my best, and in so doing, I find that I have improved in my typing speed, learnt more new vocabularies and putting them into use, my memory cells are put to strenous test daily when trying to remember more details and storing them till called upon for usage. I sense that I am more alert in doing things and wanting to learn more of everything, but the only trouble is, I don't seem to find enough TIME to do so.


  1. Good job uncle frank!
    Keep writing and probably one day you might release your own book! Jia you!

  2. Thank you Anonymous, how can I stop when you give me such encouragements. My Warmest Regards.