Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Fruitful Work Day.

Yesterday was one of the 5 pre-holidays per year whereby a surcharge of $1.00 from 5pm till the following day 12 midnight per trip is being charged. This bonus incentive is only for eves of Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas and 2 eves for Chinese New Year. It was an exceptional working day for me, though very tiring, as I managed to collect fares up to $220.00 for driving exactly eight hours non-stop, at the expense of foregoing my regular break, which I forgot entirely. My nett income, after deducting my daily shift rental of $43.00 and yesterday's cost of diesel at $30.00 was a good $147.00. It was just 'driving' work and nothing extra-ordinary or specially eventful happened throughout the day, except for the fact that there were many eager commuters available every where I go. Little India, colourfully lighted up, and very, very crowded with mostly Indians doing their last minute shoppings and also countless tourists with their cameras clicking away was indeed a carnival sight to behold. Today, the Singaporean Indians together with other Indian Nationals, especially the Hindus, celebrate their New Year, the Festival of Lights. As for me, I wonder if it will again be another fruitful working day, only this time, I must not forget to take my regular break.

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