Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulous Rewards !

Last night as I waited at the Clarke Quay Taxi stand behind three other stationary taxis, I was pleasantly surprised by a young lady who tapped on my left passenger seat window and gestured to want to talk to me. I wound down my left window and she handed me a pamphlet, telling me that every taxi driver is entitled to a FREE ride on the Singapore Flyer upon presentation of our identification tag from now till the end of this month 31st, Oct. 2011. Each subsequent guest we are allowed to bring will also be entitled to a 25% discount for up to 4 persons. She continued and said smilingly, Singapore Flyer Pte. Ltd. is pleased to offer all taxi drivers in Singapore a FREE flight to reward us for all our hard work. This is indeed a kind and wonderful gift I thought. She urged me to grab this rare chance to bring my family to this latest lifestyle destination, with exciting views, 'edutainment', food and lots of fun. "Everyday?" I asked in disbelief, and she lighted up saying, "Yes, its the truth, no joke, except for only one ride per day, everyday till the end of the month". I said "Really?, thank you very, very much, thank you!" Just then, I had to move on in front to pick up a waiting lady commuter. After ferrying my passenger to Orchard Hotel, I stopped to read the colourful pamphlet given to me earlier and it contained every single word told to me, its true, its real.
Well, well, well, I must say, as a taxi driver we do sometimes get bonuses and surprise 'perks' from kind and friendly well wishers. I have not yet been on board the Flyer and I am excited, maybe tomorrow I'll take a break and go 'Relak" for a while. "Waa, Shiok man! this time, I can really enjoy my coffee breaks everyday in the air, Oh, how sweet it is!"

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