Friday, October 7, 2011

Dark Clouds Looming.

I wonder what's going to happen to members of a family when they have to decide, or ballot among themselves as to who really needs to use a vehicle badly, or for that matter who has to give up his or her vehicle first, if what the Government's recent hint becomes a reality in the near future.
At present, it is not uncommon for a middle-income household to own three or maybe four vehicles. Already complains of lack of carparks in HDB estates have recently been making the news together with gripes of daily traffic congestions and jams getting worse each day. These are serious problems we face today and whatever remedies there are in store for us, it is still going to cause a lot of discontent and resentment among us. In simple words, as citizens of an affluent society, with very high expectations, and living in land-scarce Singapore, with its population still growing steadily, I think all of us better brace ourselves for an even greater onslaught of all sorts of future unforeseen problems yet to come.

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