Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Driving a taxi for more than ten years has made me become a natural or maybe even an 'expert' in starting and engaging in conversations with my passengers or for that matter with almost anyone and anywhere. Making my passengers laugh, creating a happy and friendly atmosphere in my 'office', at least once in one way or another, is an interest in which I look forward to create each new day at work.
Everyday, I look forward to listening to all kinds of stories, happy and sad events, learn about new and exciting happenings, about working life, family life, love and romance and each individuals woes and aspirations in life. Its always a learning experience to know something new which I sometimes never thought existed.
Let me put it this way, its like going to school, attending different classes in lessons from unknown lectures from the 'University of Life'. So you see, my particular vocation in the service line is truly exhilarating, beneficial and satisfying for me. Who would have thought being a Taxi Operator is more than just a simple driver or a mere service provider.


  1. This is the way how people should find great things in their job and looking forward to it. U are great uncle. Cheers! =D

  2. Thank you my friend, we shall all strive to succeed and be happy doing it. Best Wishes.