Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The "Comforter".

Quote, "To err is human and to forgive, divine." Late last night, I fetched a 'single-mother' passenger from Bukit Panjang to Henderson Road. She was a sweet and vibrant 23 year old divorcee and mother of a 1 year old daughter, and we talked about her Life's 'unfair' treatment.
I could sense the anger and trauma she is going through, like a nightmare as she spoke. I felt sad for her to be in such a predicament and told her to accept and try hard to forget and forgive to whatever has already happened. I said it is not something easy to do nor overcome, but she is still young and will have the strength, the enthusiasm needed to carry on with her life once again, to be happy and afresh.
There were lots of questions and answers and I gave her assurances and advised her accordingly. She was happy and relieved to have let out her anger and frustrations to a stranger, a willing listener and 'counsellor', and when we reached her destination, she wished she could stay on longer in my cab and not alight. We wished each other goodnight, and as I drove off, I felt good to be able to help lift up her spirits and encouraged her to look forward to a bright and better future ahead.
It is easier to release 'kept' anger and frustrations as well as hidden problems, to a total stranger, such as a taxi driver whom nobody knows, and come away feeling a whole lot better, refreshed and anew. I always feel good to be an unlikely needed 'comforter'.

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